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The 2016 United States Presidential Election may impact us all.
What if the rest of the world would have a say?

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Hillary Clinton - Democrat - Photo: United States Department of State

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump - Republican - Photo by Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump

Gary Johnson - Libertarian - Photo: garyjohnson2016.com/photos

Gary Johnson

Jill Stein - Green Party - Photo: jill2016.com/press

Jill Stein

Green Party
Bernie Sanders - Democrat - Photo: berniesanders.com/media-kit/

Bernie Sanders

Ted Cruz - Republican - Photo: United States Senate

Ted Cruz

John Kasich - Republican - Photo: johnkasich.com/meet-john

John Kasich


The world has spoken

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Why this website?

Many countries, regions and people will be affected by the choice of the new US president. We believe world citizens have valid opinions regarding the US elections.

Why not gather these opinions and share the results?

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