Who is behind this website?
This website is the private initiative of a small group of friends from Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden. We are completely independent and just build this website out of our personal curiosity. You can contact us at mail [at] ifwecouldvote.com

Why give my email address?
Just to make sure people don't vote twice. We will never share it with anyone, and never use it for anything else but sporadic communication about ifwecouldvote.com

Is my vote kept anonymous?
Yes. Anonymity is important. We will never share your choice with anyone.

Are you involved with the US elections?
No. We are not US citizens, are not involved with US politics or any of the campaigns. We are simply world citizens that are curious what the world would vote.

Are you making money with this website?
No. There are no ads, will never be ads, and we don't get paid. There is no financial support or sponsor behind us, we are paying the hosting expenses out of our own pocket.

Why are the candidates displaid in this order?
To try and be unbiased they are ordered alphabetically on last name.

Are you biased towards certain candidates?
Not as a website. We try to be as neutral as possible. If we can improve, do let us know! We do however naturally have our personal opinions.

What is the intention with this website?
Media and people outside the US are following the US presidential elections closely and social media feeds globally are full of all kinds of opinions. With this website we would like to show the opinion vote of world citizens.

Why these candidates?
The candidates on this website include potential representatives for the Republican and Democratic parties as well as candidates from the Green and Libertarian party. A president will be chosen from these candidates.

Why mix the nominees with the candidates?
We chose to include those that are getting media attention and are displayed on ballotpedia.org

Why include the Green Party and Libertarian Party?
Even though the Republican and Democratic party have the majority of the opinion, these other parties may attract opinion votes on this website. We selected the candidates from ballotpedia.org

What happens if candidates drop out?
We will disable voting for this candidate but keep them in the stats.